Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sonny Milano: NHL Draft Prospect Profile: "Magic Hands" Displays Brilliant Stick Tricks

From the THW War Room Eldon MacDonald, THW: A few words on Sonny Milano:

  • Magic hands – Give him the puck and you will see magic at top speed that will make a magician green with envy. 
  • Skills – His acceleration and agility are money. Combine them with a good high gear, a great shot with a quick release and outstanding vision and you get the leading scorer on Team USA – U18 NTDP. 
  • Intangibles – He has that will to be better that coaches love. 
  • Defense – Could be better but he plays with enough grit and shows enough determination that he will eventually overcome any lingering deficiencies. Draft position – 15-20 on most lists, Sonny could go higher with a break out U18 WJC performance.


Monday, February 17, 2014

THW: 2014 NHL Mock Draft: Olympic Hockey Edition

The Hockey Writers2014 NHL Mock Draft: Olympic Hockey Edition:

"Whether it be the Phoenix Coyotes going off the board to take a Blake Wheeler or the Los Angeles Kings selecting Thomas Hickey seemingly out of nowhere, one’s mock draft can be wrecked quicker than Jake Virtanen can do a lap around the rink.

Still, inevitably it is difficult to hold back and not go through the futile process of creating a NHL mock draft. My 2013 NHL Mock Draft Final Edition turned out to be one of my most accurate efforts to date, but even then NHL GMs thwarted hockey draft prognostications planet wide with events like:"

Read full article at #THW (click here)
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Tough Pill to Swallow: Methamphetamine Analog Identified in ‘Craze’ Workout Supplement

English: 2D structure of stimulant drug metham...
English: 2D structure of stimulant drug methamphetamine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Wiley:

Muscles and Meth: Drug Analog Identified in ‘Craze’ Workout Supplement
Danger of U.S. Federal Shutdown Preventing FDA Ban, Scientists Warn

An international team of scientists have identified potentially dangerous amounts of methamphetamine analog in the workout supplement Craze, a product widely sold across the U.S. and online. The study, published in Drug Testing and Analysis, was prompted by a spate of failed athletic drug tests. The results reveal the presence of methamphetamine analog N,α- DEPEA, which has not been safely tested for human consumption, in three samples.

“In recent years banned and untested drugs have been found in hundreds of dietary supplements. We began our study of Craze after several athletes failed urine drug tests because of a new methamphetamine analog,” said lead author Dr. Pieter Cohen, of Harvard Medical School, U.S.A.

A workout supplement marketed as a ‘performance fuel’, Craze is manufactured by Driven Sports, Inc., and is sold in stores across the United States and internationally via body supplement websites.

The supplement is labeled as containing the compound N,N-diethyl-phenylethylamine (N,N-DEPEA), claiming it is derived from endangered dendrobium orchids. However, while there is no proof that this compound is found within orchids, it is also structurally similar to the methamphetamine analog N,α-diethylphenylethylamine (N,α-DEPEA), a banned substance.
The team analyzed three samples of Craze for traces of N,α-DEPEA. The first sample was brought from a mainstream retailer in the U.S., while the second and third samples were ordered from online retailers in the U.S. and Holland.

The team used ultra-high performance liquid chromatography to detect the presence of N,α-DEPEA. The first two samples were analyzed by NSF International, while the third was tested at the Netherland’s National Institute for Public Health. The findings were independently corroborated by the Korean Forensic Service, which confirmed the presence of N,α-DEPEA in two further samples of Craze in a parallel investigation.

“We identified a potentially dangerous designer drug in three separate samples of this widely available dietary supplement,” said Cohen. “The tests revealed quantities of N,α-DEPEA of over 20mg per serving, which strongly suggests that this is not an accidental contamination from the manufacturing process.”

As a structural analog of methamphetamine, N,α-DEPEA , may have stimulant and addictive qualities; however, it has never been studied in humans and its adverse effects remain unknown.

The product labeling claims that Craze contains several organic compounds, known as phenylethylamines. However, phenylethylamines are a very broad category of chemicals which range from harmless compounds found in chocolate to synthetically produced illegal drugs.

“The phenylethylamine we identified in Craze, N,α-DEPEA, is not listed on the labeling and it has not been previously identified as a derivative of dendrobium orchids,” said Cohen.
“If these findings are confirmed by regulatory authorities, the FDA (The U.S. Food and Drug Administration) must take action to warn consumers and to remove supplements containing N,α-DEPEA from sale,” concluded Cohen. “Our fear is that the federal shutdown may delay this, resulting in potentially dangerous supplements remaining widely available.”

Full citation: Cohen. P, Travis. J, Venhuis. B, ‘A methamphetamine analog (N,α-diethyl-phenylethylamine) identified in a mainstream dietary supplement’, Drug Testing and Analysis, Wiley, DOI 10.1002/dta.1578 
URL Upon Publication:

About the Journal:
Rather than focus on the application of a single technique, Drug Testing and Analysis employs a unique multidisciplinary approach to the field of controversial compound determination. Papers discussing chromatography, mass spectrometry, immunological approaches, 1D/2D gel electrophoresis, to name just a few select methods, are welcomed where their application is related to six major topics: Sports doping, Illicit/recreational drugs use, Pharmaceuticals, Toxico-pathology, Forensics/homeland security, and environment.
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Blue Man Group Entertains Universe - Bryzgalov That Is

Russia goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov makes a save ...
Russia goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov makes a save in a game against Slovakia during the 2010 Winter Olympics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"Professional hockey player Ilya Bryzgalov (a.k.a. "Universe") was spotted enjoying Blue Man Group’s one year anniversary performance at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino on Thursday, Oct. 10. Bryzgalov is a former Olympian, won the Stanley Cup with the Anaheim Ducks in the 2006 – 2007 NHL season and currently serves as goaltender for the Las Vegas Wranglers. The athlete was accompanied by his wife and two kids and attended a private VIP meet-and-greet with cast members following the show."

Bryz could quite realistically find himself back in the NHL this season. Maybe even dressed in blue - the Edmonton Oilers are rumoured to be interested with their early season struggles.

ABOUT BLUE MAN GROUP LAS VEGASBlue Man Group has turbo-charged its show in Las Vegas with electrifying music, sensational technology, and innovative new ways of interacting with the audience. The mega-enhanced show at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino is a thrilling, energy-infused performance that introduces wildly inventive musical instruments, a humorous look at robots and creativity, and a mind-blowing (literally) tour inside the neural network of the human brain. Each night the Blue Men present an extraordinary spectacle and create a soulful, primal and euphoric experience that makes you feel vibrantly alive and more closely connected with the people around you.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the Blue Man Group box office, any MGM Resorts International ticketing outlet,  or call 1.800.blueman. Fans can also keep up with the latest Blue Man Group Las Vegas news and events via Facebook at or Twitter at
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blackhawks' Patirck Kane Brilliant Stickhandling Display

English: Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawk...
English: Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks warms up before a game against the Vancouver Canucks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) - Blackhawks' Kane dazzles in viral video - 2013-2014 Season Preview

Agent 88 Patrick Kane - Brilliant Puckhandling skills:

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Five for Writing: NHL and the Entry Draft: The Perfect Petri Dish

Graphical timeline of the National Hockey Leag...
Graphical timeline of the National Hockey League (NHL), all years (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Five for Writing is The Hockey Spy's way of bringing you some of the great gems with respect to hockey/sports writing. 

The perfect petri dish | Ideas@Beedie


Peter Tingling on the importance of researching business in sports.  

"Tingling’s true research interests lie in decision-making. Over the course of his career, however, he has discovered that sport, and in particular the National Hockey League (NHL), makes for an excellent laboratory to test his hypotheses and he has become an advocate for using sport data to test organizational theories.

In the process, he has become something of an expert, in particular on the NHL draft, an event that he finds a fascinating phenomenon, with many parallels to other business sectors. “Everyone makes decisions” he says “and while I would love to be invited to compare and contrast decision making at the big five Canadian banks, so far that has not happened. On the other hand, however, the NHL has been extremely supportive. I have been to several annual drafts and seen the 30 General Managers make hundreds of high stakes career and performance decisions.”

Tingling says that sports research is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, professional sport is an important business sector in its own right, with huge sums of money involved at the top level. Secondly, decisions in sport generate more discussion than many other sectors, so the interest in sport demands it be examined further.

The third, and perhaps most important reason for Tingling, revolves around the transparency and availability of data in sport, and the consistency among sporting organizations that allows researchers a proxy for counter factual testing to some degree.

“In business it’s very hard to compare one company against another – it is frequently suggested that organizations are idiosyncratic,” says Tingling. “There is only one HP and only one Apple, but in the NHL there are thirty teams, all operating under the same restrictions. It is a lot easier to compare the Detroit Red Wings to the Vancouver Canucks than it is to compare Intel to Apple. So sport acts as a perfect petri dish to test business theories.”


"Along with fellow Beedie associate professor Michael Brydon, Tingling has presented some of his research on the NHL draft at the 2010 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, an annual conference for industry professionals to discuss the increasing role of analytics in the global sports industry. His presentation has become one of the top ten most viewed videos on the MIT Sloan website, with over 5000 views.

In addition, his paper, “Does Order Matter? An Empirical Analysis of the NHL Draft,” examined the success of NHL teams in choosing which players they draft. Published in Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal in 2011, and co-written by Beedie colleagues Kamal Masri and Matt Martell, the research found that NHL teams were missing out on potential gems in the later rounds of the draft by devoting the majority of their resources to the early rounds."

Link to full article: 
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

2013 NHL Draft Fantasy Hockey Based Top 100 Prospect Rankings (THW)

2013 NHL Draft Logo
Hand-crafted especially for fantasy hockey junkies (but not exclusive to), the following rankings are based on a prospect’s pure offensive potential.
Goalies get no love here. Apologies to the vital guardians of the goal, but your potential is just too monumentally difficult to predict from a fantasy armchair GM’s point of view.
As THW former colleague Josh Deitell eloquently summed up comparing the actual NHL draft versus fantasy drafts:
Grit, work ethic, defensive-zone play, and personality: all intangibles that NHL teams consider when making their selections in the NHL Entry Draft that are not particularly relevant for fantasy hockey.
Yes, you do want to pick players who you think will make it to the NHL and contribute, so it’s important to consider bust potential and the fact that some European players take years to make their way across the pond and can easily make their way back, but first and foremost is offensive upside.
One will quickly notice some of the undersized forwards and blueliners creep up the rankings in comparison with my Final Top 210 Rankings. To reiterate, these rankings are focused on the pure offensive upside a prospect possesses.

Link to the full Top 100 Fantasy Hockey Based Rankings at The Hockey Writers. 

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