Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Hockey Vigilante! Calling Out & Taking On Hockey Ignorance in Sports Media!

My latest article at The Hockey Writers:

The Hockey Vigilante Targets Fox Radio Sports' Steve Czaban
! 5 minutes for hockey ignorance!


State your case why you love hockey below or email me at hockeyspy@gmail.com

Here's 10 more reasons why hockey is so fantastic:


Friday, May 22, 2009

Hockey History Repeating? How Do The Penguins And Red Wings Stack Up Against The 1980s' Oilers And Islanders?

wayne gretzy statue.jpg

Check out my latest article at The Hockey Writers (THW):

A borderline hallucinogenic optimistic hockey writer's version of history repeating.

Some great classic videos inserted as well!

With both conference finals at 2 zip, a Pittsburgh versus Detroit final seems all the more inevitable.

Evgeny "Geno" Malkin's 4 point and hat-trick performance last night sealed the victory for the Penguins in Game 2. Check out the interview and highlights, especially the amazing third goal in the following video courtesy of Versus:


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top 10 Key Unsung Hero Players In Hockey's Version Of The Final Four

Check out my latest piece at The Hockey Writers (THW):
The Top 10 Key Players In Hockey's Version Of The Final Four

The article has been linked by Yahoo Sports' own Puck Daddy on his Puck Headlines column.

Until next time, check out this video montage put together by Blackhawks scoreboard crew for pregame in Round 1:


Monday, May 11, 2009

Tavares To T.O. - Are The Planets Aligning? {The Hockey Writers}

Check out my latest article at The Hockey Writers.


It has been referenced by Puck Daddy (of Yahoo Sports) on his Puck Headlines:


It was also linked at JoeBoltsFan.com


Finally, it got linked over at Pension Plan Puppets (A Leafs blog) in Matt Black's "From The Branches column.


For more of my "Leaf Revolution" articles, check out:


Let's close out with another great Tavares video clip:

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