Monday, February 20, 2012

Nail Yakupov Amazing Snipe

CALGARY, CANADA - JANUARY 5:  Mikhail Grigoren...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeAnother reason why although the Fail for Mikhail campaign (Mikhail Grigorenko) has gained some steam, Fail for Nail is still the predominant theme for the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

Nail Yakupov is the top prospect for this year's draft to take place in Pittsburgh in June.

He displays yet again that all to rare game-breaking and dynamic offensive ability.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Evgeny Kuznetsov Евгений Кузнецов #92 highlight video

English: Evgeny Kuznetsov accepts his player o...Image via Wikipedia
Highlight video on one of hockey's top prospects - Evgeny (Yevgeni) Kuznetsov. The Washington Capitals have themselves perhaps the most talented player outside the NHL. He starred at this year's World Juniors in Calgary, AB and is giving goalies nightmares in the KHL this season.

I anointed him the "Hockey Surgeon" when highlighting him in a profile during the World Juniors, base on his uncanny ability to dissect opposing defenders.

He exhibits tremendous puck poise, dangling always with a purpose - the usual end result with the puck in the back of the net. He looked great on a line with Nikita Gusev - the Hockey Artist - Russia's Picasso on Ice.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Alex Mason High School Hockey Player With Amazing Backhanded Lacrosse-Style Goal

"Detroit Lakes HS Hockey player Alex Mason scores the sickest shorthanded goal in the history of High School Hockey."

We've all seen lacrosse style goals, but this one is ridiculous!

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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Deutsch: Gisele Bündchen bei der Fashion Rio V...
Image via Wikipedia
Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots duri...
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Eli Manning at the Giants Rally after victory ...
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Madonna (Image via
Super Bowl XLVI
Image via Wikipedia
A non-hockey post on Super Bowl Sunday, Don Cherry's birthday, Florida Panthers Tomas Kopecky's birthday and the Scott Gomez "No Goal" anniversary.

The Super Bowl is one of the truly great sporting events for so many reasons and can be enjoyed by all simply by following along with prop bets

Find below a sampling of many of these prop bets from

NEW YORK, NY –  Super Bowl XLVI has sparked the usual hype that surrounds the biggest sporting event of the year and with it fan speculation is through the roof!  Questions on everything from who will score first and what color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach to who will win the MVP and whether Madonna will have a wardrobe malfunction and much more are swirling at a break-neck pace.  With fans looking for answers, the fastest growing sportsbook on the web (pron. Great posted odds on all things Super Bowl XLVI!

“ is predicting that Super Bowl XLVI will go down as one of the greatest of all time,” stated spokesman Damon Durante.  “With the Patriots looking for redemption and the Giants looking to secure their second Lombardi trophy with Eli Manning under center, fans are clamoring for answers as to what to expect on every possible scenario.  As always, we’ve beaten everyone to the punch to provide them with odds based answers and analysis.”

Analysts at released the following “On-Field Action” odds on Super Bowl XLVI (MORE ODDS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST):

Will Kelly Clarkson forget or omit at least 1 word of the official US National Anthem?
Yes +250

Will Kelly Clarkson’s bare belly be showing when she sings the National Anthem?
Yes +300

What color of Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach?
Clear +200
Yellow +200
Green +600
Blue +8000
Red +550
Orange +225

What color will Madonna’s hair be when the halftime show begins?
Blonde  -400
Any other color  +250

What type of microphone will Madonna use to start the halftime show?
Headset -200
Any other  +150

Will Madonna wear an NFL jersey or shirt while performing during the halftime show?
Yes +250
No -400

Will a performer fall off the stage during the halftime performance?
Yes +400

Most likely Madonna Half-time move:
Tebowing 5/1
Vogueing 1/3
Crotch grab 1/5
Humps stage 1/4
Grinds with dancer 1/3
Kisses Kelly Clarkson 20/1

Who will retire first:
Eli 25/1
Peyton 1/1
Brady 20/1
Belichick 15/1
Coughlin 1/3

Who will have more super bowl rings at end of career:
Eli 30/1 (has 1, chance for 2)
Brady 15/1 (has 3, chance for 4)
Peyton 50/1 (has 1)
Coughlin 35/1 (has 2, chance for 3)
Belichick 1/35 (has 5, chance for 6)

Will the Pats and Giants play in next year’s Super Bowl:
Yes 17/2

Where will Peyton play next season:
New York Jets               2/1      
Miami Dolphins              3/1      
New England Patriots      100/1          
Buffalo Bills      90/1      
Baltimore Ravens      7/1      
Pittsburgh Steelers      100/1      
Cincinnati Bengals      85/1      
Cleveland Browns      50/1      
Houston Texans        9/1      
Tennessee Titans      70/1      
Jacksonville Jaguars      50/1      
Indianapolis Colts      1/1      
New York Giants      100/1      
Philadelphia Eagles      100/1      
Dallas Cowboys      100/1      
Washington Redskins    4/1      
Green Bay Packers      100/1      
Detroit Lions      100/1      
Chicago Bears      100/1      
Minnesota Vikings      25/1      
New Orleans Saints      7/1      
Atlanta Falcons      75/1      
Carolina Panthers      75/1      
Tampa Bay Buccaneers      50/1      
San Francisco 49ers      10/1   
Arizona Cardinals       6/1    
Seattle Seahawks       5/1      
St. Louis Rams         75/1      
Does not play in 2012 season 2/1

How many live shots of Peyton Manning will be shown during the Super Bowl game?
Over      3½          (-120)
Under (-110)                     

How many average viewers will the Super Bowl have?
Over      117 million           (-130)
Under (+100) 
Which QB will finish their career with more Super Bowl wins?
•           Eli Manning +250
•           Peyton Manning +750
•           Drew Brees +500
•           Aaron Rodgers +375
•           Tim Tebow +2000

How many more seasons will Peyton Manning be a starting quarterback in the NFL?
One +300
Two +200
Four +250
Five +450
More than Five +750

Will Belichick announce his retirement after the game?
Yes +2500

Which Manning brother will end up with more career Super Bowl wins?
Peyton +600
Eli -400

Will Eli Manning’s career end with the same or more Super Bowl wins than Tom Brady?
Yes +2500

Will Eli Manning’s career end with the same as or more Super Bowl appearances than Tom Brady?

Super Bowl XLVI MVP Odds
Eli Manning  9/4
Ahmad Bradshaw 22/1
Brandon Jacobs 35/1
Hakeem Nicks 14/1
Victor Cruz 14/1
Mario Manningham 35/1
Jake Ballard 100/1
Lawrence Tynes 100/1
DJ Ware 100/1
Jason Pierre-Paul 25/1
Osi Umenyiora 100/1
Antrel Rolle 75/1
Tom Brady 13/10
BenJarvus Green-Ellis 22/1
Danny Woodhead 50/1
Wes Welker 50/1
Deion Branch 30/1
Rob Gronkowski 15/2
Aaron Hernandez 15/1
Justin Tuck 75/1
Chad Ochocinco 100/1
Stephen Gostkowski 100/1
Jerod Mayo 100/1
Vince Wilfork 100/1
Kyle Arrington 100/1
Devin McCourty 100/1
Field 20/1

Will any player do the “Tebowing” gesture during Super Bowl XLVI?
No (-4500)  
Yes (+600)  

Player to score the first TD in the game
Eli Manning (NYG) QB 35/1
Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG) RB 17/2
Brandon Jacobs (NYG) RB 12/1
D.J. Ware (NYG) RB 50/1
Hakeem Nicks (NYG) WR 17/2
Victor Cruz (NYG) WR 15/2
Mario Manningham (NYG) WR 14/1
Jake Ballard (NYG) TE 20/1
Travis Beckum (NYG) TE 35/1
Bear Pascoe (NYG) TE 40/1
Tom Brady (NE) QB 25/1
BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NE) RB 15/2
Danny Woodhead (NE) RB 20/1
Stevan Ridley (NE) RB 25/1
Wes Welker (NE) WR 15/2
Deion Branch (NE) WR 14/1
Julian Edelman (NE) WR 35/1
Chad Ochocinco (NE) WR 25/1
 Rob Gronkowski (NE) TE 11/2
 Aaron Hernandez (NE) TE 15/2
Field 15/2
No TD scored in the game 150/1

First Team to Score: 
Patriots (-120) 
Giants (-110) 
First Score: 
Touchdown (-120) 
FG or Safety (-110) 

Will Either Team Score in the First 6 Min. :
Yes (-120) 
No (-110) 

Will any player be ejected during the Super Bowl?
No (-5000)  
Yes (+750)  

Will there be an Intentional Grounding penalty on either team?
No (-3750)  
Yes (+400)  

How many accepted penalties will be called against the Giants?
 Over (-120)
Under (-110)

How many accepted penalties will be called against the Patriots?
 Over (-110)
Under (-120)

Total offensive plays for the Patriots:
Over (-120)
Under (-110)

Total offensive plays for the Giants:
Over (-120)
Under (-110)

Will either team attempt a field goal of 50 yards or more?
No (+155)  
Yes (-190)  

Will there be a defensive TD scored during the Super Bowl?
No (-210)  
Yes (+170)  

Sports and Newsworthy Information can be found at:

About (pronounced Great Eight dot com) was designed to bring more fun to the online experience, and is focusing on delivering a unique, entertaining and unparalleled experience.

From first class games, massive jackpots, all huge variety of sports & odds, exceptional customer service, VIP rewards, as well as a simple, easy-to-navigate interface, GR88 is committed to providing an entertaining & enjoyable experience for everyone. is backed by a highly experienced International team, and is licensed by Olympian Trading Limited BVI which operates under Maltese, Netherlands Antilles and Kahnawake gaming licenses.
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Flash Fans: 2012 Budweiser Official Big Game Commercial

Super Bowl XLVIImage via Wikipedia

From Budweiser:

Just a few weeks ago, Budweiser made the dreams of two unsuspecting beer league hockey teams come true by giving them the thrill of playing just like professionals.

On December 21st 2011, Les Amigos and The Toronto Generals were ready to play their weekly hockey game when Budweiser transformed a regularly scheduled match into an epic high-energy spectacle complete with screaming fans, play-by-play announcers, and even a Budweiser-branded Zamboni! 
The catch? This epic moment was captured on film and will be featured as Budweiser’s Canadian Super Bowl XLVI commercial .

We are pleased to share with you, these awe inspiring 2 minutes that turned the childhood dreams of 30 men into full blown reality. Re-live the nostalgia alongside Canadians across the country this Super Bowl Sunday, when this ad airs nationally on February 5th. 

Be part of the conversation on Twitter; #budsuperbowlad.
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