Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flames Vs Blackhawks: The "Real" Numbers Game

There's a number of web destinations out there that break down the hockey stats in ways you can't even fathom!

Hockey Numbers displays and breaks down goals scored for all teams at even strength, on the PP and on the PK.

NHL shift charts at does a great job of tracking just what it says.

Puck Prospectus looks at stats and numbers from angles you've never even thought of!

Puck Daddy has a superb analysis of the Flames-Blackhawks matchup.

Now that we're all mesmerized by those numbers, let's take a look at the "real" number that Flames fans care about!

"55" times the luck (Pardy - hey, everyone needs a token Newfie on their team - see Cleary on the Wings last season!)

"34" Saves! (Kipper)

"33" Wooden Slapshots (Aucoin still opts for a $30 wooden stick rather than the composite alternative and possesses the Flames hardest shot.)

"25" Bricks taken from the Bulin Wall (David Moss will hopefully be planting his behind in front of Khabibulin all series long)

"24" quotes! (Conroy is always up for an interview!)

"23" Unsung hero #1 (Nystrom: can he bring his Dad's Cup winning magic? Click here for video 1980 Cup-winning GOal!)

"22" times the heart and soul! (Langkow: hopefully his wrist injury is closer to 100%)

"21" "He shoots, He Scores!" (Jokinen gotta be pumped for his first playoff showing ever)

"20" times the speed! (Glencross: the fastest Flame will need his top gear against the speedy Hawks!)

"17" is back baby {in the words of George Costanza}!!! (Rene Bourque: It's no coincidence the Flames down-slide coincided with this even strength and PK specialist)

"16" Unsung hero #2 (Dustin Boyd - I just have a feeling Boyd is going to break through in a big way)

"13" One-timers! (Cammalleri! - 39 tallies in the regular season!)

"12" times the domination (Iginla will step it up the way only Iggy can and terrorize the Blackhawks "D"!)

"7" times the size and skill! (Bertuzzi: This is the time of year Sutter signed Big Bert for. He has been at times lackadaisical, but if he can play at the level he is capable of, the Flames will be extra dangerous!)

"3" Hits everything that moves! (Phaneuf: the Flames do need him to take his game to the next level, especially as long as Regehr and Sarich are out with injuries. This year has been a major disappointment, but he has the tools - if he can only locate the toolbox!) 

*Okay - admittedly, this is all borderline hallucinogenic optimism, but you have to believe in the "C" of Red!


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