Monday, January 3, 2011

World Junior Hockey Championships 2011: Canada-USA Semifinal Breakdown (THW)

My Team Canada VS USA Preview over The Hockey Writers:
World Junior Hockey Championships 2011: Canada-USA Semifinal Breakdown

Hockey fans look forward to Christmas; Die hard hockey fans look more forward to Boxing Day and the start of the World Junior Championships!
I have a “natural buzz” this time of year that is present with or without Christmas spirits of the alcohol-infused variety.
This is hockey at its finest. Before the huge contracts, the young guns are still playing to make it to the big league.
Passion. Pride. Creativity. Youthful enthusiasm. All on fine display. Today you can throw in the deeply embedded Canada-USA rivalry, which adds yet another intriguing dimension to this semifinal showdown.
A Viewer’s Guide to players in this game from my pre-tournament “Players to WatchRyan Ellis {TotalPhoto: Leon T Switzer}
{I actually completed this breakdown before the tournament started, so keep that in mind as you peruse through each item.}

Read more over at THW...

{Photo credit: Leon Switzer - TotalPhoto}


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