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World Junior Hockey Journal: Essential Information About Ufa, Russia

Salavat Yulaev - Ufa, Russia (Wikimedia)

Ufa, Russia - is the capital city of the Republic of BashkortostanRussia With a population of about a million people, it is the eleventh biggest city in Russia. It is located two hours east of Moscow. 

"Ufa is set at the foothills of Ural Mountains in a lowland area dominated by the confluence of two large rivers the Belaya and Ufa." (Trave lGrove)

The city's origins date back to being a fortress built on the orders of Ivan the Terrible in 1574. In 2013, it finds itself hosting one of the most exciting tournaments in all of hockey - The World Junior Hockey Championships (U20).

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The Price Of Essentials In Ufa:
  • Domestic draught beer is about $1.50 per 500 mL
  • Imported beer will set you back about $2.75 per bottle
  • Water: $1 per 1.5L
  • Milk: $1 per L
  • Wine: $9 per bottle
  • Rent: 1 bedroom apartment in City Centre about $500 per month

Weather (Dec 21/12):

Clear. Extremely cold. -27 °C
Clear. Extremely cold.

Time Zone: 
  • There's an 11 hours difference between Ufa and EST (Toronto, New York)
  • There's an 13 hours difference between Ufa and EST (Calgary, Denver)

Rk Born   Name Pos GP G A P PIM +/- P/GP
1 1966     Igor Kravchuk D 699 64 210 274 251 -57 0.392
2 1966   Alexander Semak F 289 83 91 174 187 22 0.602
3 1978   Andrei Zyuzin D 496 38 82 120 446 -40 0.242
4 1975   Vadim Sharifijanov F 92 16 21 37 50 -2 0.402
5 1975   Nikolai Tsulygin D 22 0 1 1 8 -5 0.045
6 1987   Andrei Zubarev D 4 0 1 1 4 -4 0.25

Things to do in Ufa:

With World Juniors soon underway, the Ufa Arena will get its share of attention. What else is there to do whilst there if you make the trip to the tournament?

  • Salavat Yulaev Monument: "Salavat Yulaev (1752-1800) is a Bashkir national hero and a poet. He was one of the leaders of the Peasant war of 1773-75 in Russia and a fellow-fighter of Yemelyan Pugachev. In 1774 he was arrested, punished and sent to hard labour in Estonia, where he died in 1880. " (
    • Salavat Yulaev is also the name of the successful KHL franchise out of Ufa.
  • Friendship Monument (Monument Druzhby) 
  • Try some local honey: honey to this region is like maple syrup to Canadians.
  • Keep an eye out for a sable, a species of the marten family.


"Bashkir cuisine is very similar to Tatar cuisine. Here’s a short list of traditional Bashkir meals – pilaf rice, chuck-chuck (fried bread sticks, covered in honey), koumiss (a drink made from horse’s milk) and manti (large ravioli cooked by steam)." (10 Things to Know About Ufa - Yahoo Sports)

Stay Thirsty My Friends - What To Drink in Ufa:

Traditional drinks in Ufa are: 

  • the medok - spirit made from honey and fruit juic 
  • sbiten - mainly drunk in winter and is made of honey and spices and tea appreciated mainly by the Muslim population who does not consume alcohol.

Keep Your Head Up...For Falling Icicles:

While many hockey prospects (such as Boone Jenner of Team Canada) will be dishing out big hits at the tournament, travellers will also need to keep their head up.

Apparently, one has to be wary of falling icicles in winter. 

"The icicles form on the gutters and edges of city roofs and can grow to be really quite large.   Every year there are reports of people dying from being hit by icicles in Russia. So, if you are in Ufa in the winter, it is best to always be alert, look at the roof tops and do not walk directly under the eaves of roofs."  (Lime Tour Business Travel)

Video: Ufa Time Lapse

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