Monday, March 9, 2009

Carbonneau's Loss Is Montreal's Gain-ey!

Okay - so this title is not actually quite as feeble as my original: "Canadiens Look to 'Gain' In The Standings By Going On A Low-'Carb' Diet". See my previous post Off The Iron: Hockey Spy's Fav Quotes (Coaches) from February for a few great quotes on coaches and being fired. I then discussed the possiblility of Carbonneau being fired then and thought though he might worthy, it likely wouldn't happen. I could only see hime resigning or being "re-assigned".

Effective immediately, GM and long-time friend of Carbonneau, Bob Gainey steps in behind the bench. He stated in a press conference today (click on audio click above):

"I would have loved not to be with you today."
Gainey also said he did not think the Canadiens were "emotionally involved in games".

I was listening to Eric Duhatshek talk to Rob Kerr on the today on my drive home and they were discussing an apparent "no-no" about Carbonneau having his wife on the team plane rider home from Dallas. Apparently, French papers are speculating about every minute detail about this firing and this is one of the issues. I'm not so sure what that at all has to do with "Carbo" getting the axe, but maybe some reader out there can elaborate.

Carbonneau was likely part of the problem in Montreal, but GM Gainey not making any moves at the trade deadline with a team on a down-slide is also a key contributing factor. It's been a strange season in Montreal. Last month there was the Kostitsyn brothers linked with suspected member of organized crime Pasquale Mangiola.

Who will the coach hired possibly for next season? Why does Patrick Roy come to mind?

Keep your stick on the ice!

The Hockey Spy


yauzer,  Mar 10, 2009, 1:45:00 PM  

Concerning Carbonneau's release, I think the timing is completely off. Gainey should have pulled the trigger earlier.
I'm actually disappointed with Gainey's inactivity during the trade deadline. He needed to add another centre and some more grit. Especially with this being the Habs centennial, I would expect him to pull out all the stops to build a cup contender.

The Hockey Spy,  Mar 10, 2009, 7:36:00 PM  

Precisely Yauzer!

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