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Take The TSN Quiz {The Hockey Spy's answers included}


3/11/2009 9:17:29 PM
Every week, the NHL on TSN panel voices its opinions on the hot topics of the day in the Wednesday Night Hockey Quiz.

The Hockey Spy offers you the opportunity to chime in on the big issues with the Insiders. Read the questions and answers from TSN's hockey experts and The Hockey Spy and give us your thoughts in the comments section.

Question No. 1: Jason Spezza - should he have received an unsportsmanlike penalty in addition to his illegal stick penalty for trying to destroy the evidence on Monday night? An extra penalty - yes or no?

Ray Ferraro: No, one penalty's enough. Nobody understands the rule to the "nth" degree anyway - it seems like it's the most confounding rule on the planet. No, not more than one penalty. It's enough.

Darren Dreger: Yes, yes, it should have been the extra penalty! It's a pure admission of guilt - you make it so obvious as to destroy the evidence. Are you kidding me? At least do a better job than this. He was stepping on the stick right in front of the linesman, for heaven's sake. That deserved the extra two.

Keith Jones: The answer is clearly no, and the Maple Leafs should have had a penalty for trying to call one in a game between two teams that aren't making the playoffs anyway! So no would be the answer - I love the creativity of Jason Spezza.

The Hockey Spy: YES - without a doubt in my mind. He did it, got caught and then tried to bury the evidence. Worthy of at least a 4 minute stay in the 'Sin Bin'!

Question No. 2: Martin Brodeur is two wins away from equalling Patrick Roy's all-time record for regular season victories. So, simple enough, who has been the better goalie? Roy or Brodeur?

Dreger: Patrick Roy. Three Conn Smythe trophies and he's got one more Stanley Cup. No-brainer.

Jones: I played with Patrick Roy, too. This is a very tough decision but I'm going with Brodeur - phenomenal career. The hundred shutouts in his career have been nothing less than spectacular, and winning games by one goal. 549 victories, 237 victories have been one-goal victories for Martin Brodeur. He has been clutch all the way. For Patrick Roy? 137 one-goal victories. Brodeur gets my nod.

Ferraro: I'm going to say Patrick Roy and the reason I say so is, of the Stanley Cup championships that Patrick has, the '86 and the '93 Canadiens, really had no business winning the Stanley CUp. Conn Smythe trophy both times for Roy. He took teams that really weren't elite level teams and he pushed them over the top. That's why I vote for Patrick Roy.

The Hockey Spy: Marty Brodeur! While St. Patrick's accomplishments are 'formidable', Brodeur is the greatest of all time. Spending his whole career in Jersey thus far and maintaining super consistency even with the post-lockout rule changes, Marty is like a fine wine - getting even better with age. I wondered how he'd respond with such a long lay off after his 1st major injury in his career. Posting 2 shutouts in his 1st two games. Are you kidding me? This guy is unbelievable and is the new gold standard to which all other 'tenders will be judged.

Question No. 3: Which summer 2007 free agent signing has delivered less bang for the buck? Scott Gomez or Dustin Penner?

Jones: It's Dustin Penner for me. Bang for the buck is a term that's used for players who play hard and play physical, and when you're 6'4, 230 or 240 pounds, you need to be a power forward, much like he was displaying with the Anaheim Ducks. Dustin Penner has done a very poor job in that department with the Edmonton Oilers.

Dreger: No, no. It's bang for the buck and therefore, clearly it is Scott Gomez because Scott Gomez earns considerably more than Dustin Penner. Both of them have been a bust so far with their respective teams but, because Scott Gomez is averaging what, about $110,000 per point, he's the choice.

Ferraro: I'm going to say Dustin Penner. The only thing consistent thing about Dustin Penner has been how inconsistent he's been. Craig MacTavish has tried to coddle him, he's tried to kick him in the rear end. I don't know what's left, except he's got three years at $4.25 million left.

The Hockey Spy: Dustin Penner, but who cares really? With these FA signings, it's like picking the worst of two evils. I only go with Penner because he should be a monster, but he plays like Bambi!

Question No. 4: If you were Bob Gainey, who would you hire to coach the Canadiens next season? Marc Crawford, Bob Hartley, Don Lever or Patrick Roy?

Jones: Marc Crawford, without question. A phenomenal coach - had the opportunity to play for him while I was with the Colorado Avalanche following his Stanley Cup championship season in '96. Crawford knew how to get the most out of highly skilled players in that lineup like Forsberg and like Sakic. He does a terrific job and would be a great choice.

Dreger: Take it in a new and fresh direction - that means Don Lever. Bob Gainey, the general manager, called up Don Lever from the Hamilton Bulldogs for a reason. That's because of his connection with Montreal's younger player. Yes there's a language barrier in Montreal but Don Lever's a fresh choice.

Ferraro: I had a tough time with this - I looked at the four candidates and I really wasn't sure which way to go but Jonesy, you broke me down on this. He's president of the Marc Crawford Fan Club so I'm going to go along with Crawford as well. I believe Crawford can do a very good job in Montreal but no way should Bob Gainey just limit his choice to a bilingual coach. I understand that the language is an important part of the culture in Montreal - if the best candidate is an English-speaking coach, hire the English-speaking coach and have a translator with him.

The Hockey Spy: Patrick Roy - I got to make it up to St. Patrick somehow! So...the Habs retire his # in November of last year. But...have they really made it up to him since the embarrassing unforgettable moment when then Coach Mario Tremblay refused to pull him? This will truly bring the legend back and close that chapter. Off the board, does anyone else see Larry Robinson in the picture at all?

Post your answers in the comments section below!

The Hockey Spy


Ron G,  Mar 12, 2009, 8:20:00 PM  

#1 I say Yes, double that boy up!
#2 Brodeur - being a Jersey guy and watching alot of Brodeur, he is great but Roy is super too and not much separates these two.
#3 Gomez, he got paid more therefore should be held for not scoring and playing up that high salary. Some would say it is the pressure of NYC, but he played 10 minutes away, so can't be that. Most likely it is he is a passer/assit guy and there is no one who can put puck in new consistently for Rangers. (Spent alot of time in garden in my teens and early 20s)
#4 Crawford - Enough said!

The Hockey Spy,  Mar 12, 2009, 8:41:00 PM  

Great answers Ron! I'm not going to argue with "Coach"! ;)

Mike Bomb,  Mar 13, 2009, 11:34:00 AM  

Great article, keep it coming Mr. Spy

jon De Rosa,  Apr 3, 2009, 2:59:00 PM  

yes i think they should hire patrick roy as habs next head coach for the 2009 and 201 season

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