Wednesday, July 6, 2011

via THN: Gary Roberts: The importance of nutrition in hockey

Given my primary profession as a Clinical Pharmacist in a Pain Clinic, this special feature article by fitness and nutrition guru especially caught my attention. I do wish that it was more in depth, but fantastic to see different aspects of the sport being covered. I also relate to Roberts even more than most given chronic neck problems that I also have to endure.

The Hockey News: Special Features: Gary Roberts: The importance of nutrition in hockey

Here is a brief excerpt {check out the above link for the full article @ THN}:

Eating well sets the tone for a player’s performance both on the ice and in life. Sounds simple enough right? While that common sense advice has been around forever, many in the hockey world only began taking proper nutrition seriously in the past five-to-10 years.

Personally, it took me too long to figure out that what I ate affected my performance. Unfortunately, I had to retire first. At 30 years old, after I lost my career to two neck surgeries, I started to take an active interest in nutrition and training. I realized just how much the food I ate affected the way I performed.

Now it’s become a lifestyle for me to eat healthy. I realize how important it is to my energy levels. As an athlete, it’s all about preparation.


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