Saturday, June 25, 2011

E-Mac's 2011 NHL Entry Draft Top 120

Introducing...E-Mac's Top 120 Prospects for the 2011 NHL Entry Draft:

I am starting at 110 to leave room for any prospect that my do really well during the Memorial Cup that I don’t already have ranked.  

These postings are the writings of one hockey fan for other hockey fans with the intention of making them memorable enough so that a casual reader has a chance of remembering the prospect’s name when it comes up at the draft in June. Some will be successful, some will not - however, I am hoping for a better success rate than the 19% chance the NHL teams currently have in selecting an NHL player in the fourth round.
In looking back at the 2003 to 2005 entry drafts, it is interesting to note the success rate for each of the rounds. By my calculations (players that are NHL regulars for the most part - your list could be slightly different), here are the figures:

01-15 – 82% (03-93%; 04-73%; 05-80%)
16-30 – 76% (03-93%; 04-67%; 05-67%)
31-45 – 33% (03-33%; 04- 7%; 05-60%)
46-60 – 24% (03-33%; 04-33%; 05- 7%)
61-90 - 24% (03-33%; 04-20%; 05-20%)
91-120 - 19% (03-10%; 04-30%; 05-17%)
120-150 - 11% (03-10%; 04-13%; 05-10%)
151-180 - 9% (03-13%; 04-13%; 05- 0%)
181-210 - 10% (03-17%; 04- 3%; 05-10%)
Over 210 - 12% (03-13%; 04-10%; 05-15%)
Overall - 23% (03-25%; 04-20%; 05-23%)

*Here are the rankings so far and will be updated regularly as they are released leading up the draft. All profiles can be found under the author's main link: Eldon MacDonald
**To easily find the full profile of each prospect, simply click on name (hyperlink) and/or go to the "Index" on the right-hand side of the site.
***You have to go to each individual profile to find out E-Mac's unique nickname given to each and every player! (I have included some of the them as teasers.)

Here's an excerpt of E-Mac's profile on his #23 ranked prospect Nikita "Mr. Game-breaker" Kucherov:

What kind of player is Nikita Kucherov??? Game-breaker would be the easy answer or heart breaker if you are playing for the other side. Nikita has an impressive arrange of advanced weapons in his arsenal. First of all, his one-timer is so good that he could live of that alone. Secondly, his speed is so devasting that he can back up defenders and use his sublime passing skills to finish the play. Thirdly, he is prepared to be aggressive on the forecheck and pounce on loose pucks. Fourthly, add vision, determination and an elite finishing ability and you have one elite hockey player.

Are there any negatives to Nikita Kucherov? The biggest negative and one that will affect when he gets drafted is the fact that he is Russian and appears to be committed for two more years playing in Russia. Maybe that is not all bad because it will allow him some time to correct his second biggest weakness which is size and strength.
Here's an excerpt of E-Mac's profile on his #110 ranked prospect Jean-Gabriel Pageau:

At the end of the playoffs, Jean-Gabriel stood third in playoff scoring with 28 points in 23 games and a +9 when going against the league’s best. Maybe now you can start to see why even the recalcitrant are coming around. So, if you are looking for a Claude Giroux like guy (without the irritability) who can play center or right wing and you want someone who always comes up big in critical situations you might give a thought to the petit dragon slayer, Jean-Gabriel Pageau.
E-Man's Rankings: (Click on prospect's name for detailed profile)
Tomas Mr. Youtube Jurco - Photo by EliteProspects

Marek "Titanium Guy" Tvrdon

    Xavier "Mr. Chameleon" Ouellet - Photo by Benoit Lefebvre



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