Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 NHL Entry Draft Guide – The Next Ones

2012 NHL Entry Draft Guide – The Next Ones: "THW’s 2012 NHL Entry Draft Guide – The Next Ones is your quintessential draft resource featuring:

  • Detailed unique prospect profiles in The Next Ones format
  • Mock Drafts
  • Exclusive rankings
  • Fantasy based rankings
  • Team Previews
  • Looking ahead to the 2013 draft and beyond
Is it ever too early to think about the NHL’s next entry draft?
Many blistering shots will be taken. Many tantalizing saves will be made. Many devastating hits will be dished out. Many vigorous battles for loose pucks will be fought. Many pinpoint accurate passes will be delivered. Many savvy puck moves will be executed. Many coach tirades will fall on deaf ears.
To see the extremely comprehensive 2012 NHL Entry Draft Guide – The Next Ones in its entirety:
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