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Sports Media Draft for ESPN, CBS, and NBC : Outkick The Coverage

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews at the 2007 Georgia...
ESPN reporter Erin Andrews at the 2007 Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech college football game. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For readers, it comes as no secret I'm a fan of the NHL draft. Actually, I'm a fan of most all of sports drafts - NFL, NBA, MLB (a little less of a mystery after Michael Lewis' Moneyball), CHL, yadda, yadda, yadda (I could go on!). 

This article is a draft of sports media talent - I couldn't resist sharing!

Sports Media Draft for ESPN, CBS, and NBC : Outkick The Coverage:


"Thanks to the emergence of NBC Sports Network and CBS Sports Network, ESPN finally has cable competition with actual money to spend. It's been a long time coming. Television talent is celebrating like never before because multiple bidders drives up sports media salaries. Instead of ESPN being able to tell you to take its offer or leave for the cable hinterlands, there's the potential that sports media success can come from cable off the ESPN networks.
As I've watched the Jim Rome promotions air a billion times a day during the NCAA Tournament, it got me thinking, who are the most valuable commodities in sports media today? That is, if you made every sports media figure a free agent and allowed ESPN, CBS, and NBC to hire away talent, what would my first round draft look like? Basically, who would you hire if you could stock a new network?"
Excerpt Part 2: Some of the picks:

I can make a strong case that Bill Simmons is the single most valuable talent that ESPN employs today.
In fact, I'll do it right now.
Clearly Simmons understands the Internet, he's wildly popular in social media, his podcasts are incredibly successful, the 30 for 30 series is genius, his column and books have been wildly popular, and Grantland represents a true creative risk. The kind of risk that ESPN doesn't typically take. 
If Simmons isn't the highest paid talent at ESPN, he should be.
And all that's without actually appearing on television much at all.
So, at 42 years old, what does Simmons want from here?
I have no idea.
But ESPN should let him have it. 

Erin Andrews is still just 33 years old.
Having recently moved to New York City from Atlanta, what does she want to do as her contract nears expiration?
Active in social media -- she has over a million followers -- and a bona fide crossing over sports celebrity since her turn on Dancing With the Stars, does she stay in sports?
I have no idea. 

20. Mel Kiper
The NFL Draft is bigger than just about every major sport in America.
And no one owns the NFL Draft like Kiper.
You have to grab him here in the first round.
What's more, Kiper is opinionated and brash enough that he can cover other sports. You don't value his opinion as much, but he's created a brand for himself that reaches beyond the draft.

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