Saturday, February 28, 2009

"The Hockey Spy" Has Been Relocated!

The Hockey Spy's identity has been compromised! Under a Sports Secret Agent Relocation program, I have been relocated to a safe zone...

Actually, I've just been recruited by a website or network of sports writers!

New link:

I am now part of the Most Valuable Network (basically a site with a bunch of sports writers/bloggers)

The site uses a base template, so different look for me. I'm honestly new to the writing/blogging platform they use, so I'll need sometime to fine tune things to my liking.

Anyway, guys/gals, it's been a pleasure to have you as readers of my blog here. I hope you will join with me on my journey to MVN:
- This is a time when I could really use your support.
- Please visit whenever you can.
- Posting comments and "recommending" (by clicking that feature on the site) posts would be huge for me! ;)
- There are some other great writers on there as well for hockey and other sports.

As always: any ideas, feedback, criticism...let me know!

Thanks yet again,
The Hockey Spy


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