Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thoughts From the Sin Bin: Hockey Spy's Rant

I'm breaking my own rules here, but it has to be done! In this first installment of the "Sin Bin" (a.k.a. the penalty box) theme, I might just earn 5 for roughing, but so be it! Is anyone else out there sick and tired of seeing one Sean Avery?!? {Click on above link for sample site giving Avery way too much web space}. Everywhere you might choose to look for hockey updates - be it TSN, ESPN, The Hockey News, etc. and various hockey blogs - you see this pathetic excuse for a hockey player's mug posted. It amazes me that the real headlines stand side-by-side with this ridiculous story line. Who really cares? Too many, quite obviously, as the big sport and hockey sites cash in on Avery's notoriety.

Whether it be:
  • Jagr's slight chance of return to the NHL by way of Edmonton
  • Lubomir Visnovsky's and Paul Kariya's season ending surgeries
  • The extremely tight playoff race in the Western Conference
  • the trade deadline
...there are obviously many more, much more interesting headlines and news to be concentrating on rather than Avery.

I can't remember which sports reporter suggested it, but I think it might have been a guest on Mike Richards (not the Flyers player!) on the Fan960 (If you haven't heard of this guy, check out some audio clips on fan960.com - he's one of the most hilarious guys in sports!). They were discussing the Avery situation and this guy suggested if Avery should have to play a full year in the KHL (Russia) to prove his real dedication to the game. I wonder how long he'd last?

Join with me and avoid placing the idiot's name in any web search engine or clicking on any headlines that involve him. Until he can prove that he's a recovered idiot, I have no respect for this guy. Don't worry - I, for one, refuse to post a pic of this guy on my blog (hence, the reason for an innovative pic from Worth1000.com with this post). Until further notice, this is a designated Avery-free zone!

Keep your stick on the ice!

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