Thursday, February 12, 2009

OPERATION: T-RADAR {The Hockey Spy's Trade Speculation System}

Starting with an update on the Calgary Flames later today, The Hockey Spy is commencing Operation: T-Radar. Not claiming to be Nostradamus and not keen as being seen as a trade rumour generator, T-Radar is a trade speculation system developed by yours truly. It's not some super computer developed by some geek from MIT. It's simply a system I've created to navigate through various sources of information, coupled with my own intuition and inference, to determine the likelihood of a trade taking place. I may apply a scale rating to a particular player from 1-10, with 10 being almost certain the player will be moved in a trade. "N/A" (not applicable) will be used if insufficient information available.

I've read some trade rumour articles over the last few weeks, and while some are informative, some are so out of touch it is unbelievable that some of this stuff makes it to print! For example, Ross McKeon of Yahoo Sports recently did an article earlier this week with a blurb on each NHL team in order of their "power rating". While he did make a couple of meaningful comments, the majority of the trade possibilities discussed were totally out of the realm of possibility, they are not worth the cyberspace they occupy. To give you one outlandish trade speculation proposed by him, he had Vinny Lecavelier going to the Flames. Are you kidding me? I'm sure the Flames would love to have My Cousin Vinny on board, but his contract extension which kicks in next season has no place in Calgary.
The Hockey Spy is determined to bring you as accurate as possible analysis and probable scenarios leading up to the NHL Trade Deadline. {See the Trade Deadline Countdown clock towards the bottom of the page.}


Christopher Rock Feb 12, 2009, 11:05:00 PM  

Update: Kipper gets shutout as Flames finish off the Kings 2-nil.

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