Friday, June 24, 2011

E-Mac's 2011 NHL Entry Draft Top 120: Jonathan Huberdeau #2

By Eldon MacDonald

2. Jonathan Huberdeau - “Money” - Left Wing/Center - Canada

Vitals: Size - 6’1”, 171 lb.; Shoots left; Born: 4-Jun-93 - St. Jerome, QC
Team: Saint John, QMJHL
Twitter: @jonnyhuby11
2010-11 Stats: 67-43-62-105-88-(+59) + QMJHL playoffs 18-15-13-28-14-(+12) + Memorial Cup 4-3-3-6-4-(+3)
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Draft result:
3 - Florida Panthers

Yes, yes, I confess, I was a late admirer of Jonathan Huburdeau. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love him any less. After all, who doesn’t love money and Jonathan Huburdeau is money. Put his team down or tied and Jonathan Huburdeau is money. The next time his team is down or tied in the last five minutes, put the hockey game on mute, put up “Money” by Pink Floyd on your music box and watch the fun. It is an exhilarating experience. So Jonathan Huburdeau is not just a goal scorer, he is a clutch goal scorer - the best kind of goal scorer. However, Jonathan Huburdeau is a team guy first so he is just as liable to dish off for the goal as score it himself. If you don’t believe me, watch the final game highlights, the last junior game of the season, the game that won the Memorial Cup and see if you don’t agree with me.

So what type of skills does Jonathan Huburdeau possess, well
  • Clutch scoring, check
  • Great shot, loves how he lifts it in close, check
  • Passing, it makes them goals, check
  • Vision and lots of it, check, I think the guy knows how to play hockey and yes I would love him on my team even if I know it is not going to happen
  • Stickhandling, makes it through to use that great shot, check
  • Skating, can bring it, can dangle, can get off the blocks, check
  • Creativity, he makes it happen sometimes, how he makes it happen like that sometimes is still a mystery, check
  • Forechecker, yes, he will go and get that puck, surprisingly good along the boards for a slight guy, check
  • Leadership, in spades, check
Going forward, he needs to bulk up (he is only 171 lb.) but seeing the progression he made from when I saw him live in the last regular game (must have been in the 150’s) of the season last year - priceless. Yes, his defensive game could improve as well but it is not bad and it will come.

Where does he go tonight (June 24th)? I have him going to Colorado at two but they also like Gabriel Landeskog and Adam Larsson. In a matter of minutes we will find out the outcome.


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